The Rumor Mill: Look Who’s Talking-Kirstie Alley Tweets Relationship with Jamie Foxx

By: Tiffani Haynes

Actress and former Jenny Craig spokeswoman Kirstie Alley seems to be smitten kitten with actor, singer, and comedian Jamie Foxx.

Alley has been tweeting that she’s having a steamy love affair with Foxx.

We can’t be sure it’s true but check out her twitter page for yourself:

From Kirstie Alley's Twitter Page

From Kirstie Alley's Twitter Page


In the News: Michigan Mom is State-Ordered to Stop Babysitting Kids

By: Tiffani Haynes

Photo courtesy of Associated Press

Photo courtesy of Associated Press

This time the saying, “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished,” just might be true. An Irving Township mom was ordered by the State of Michigan to stop watching her neighbors’ children.

Lisa Snyder thought she was helping out the neighborhood by watching a few kids during the morning before the local school bus came. Yet, the State of Michigan saw it differently.

According to the Associated Press, “Snyder received a letter from the Michigan Department of Human Services warning her that if she continued, she’d be violating a law aimed at the operators of unlicensed day care centers.”

The state law she was violating was one that ordered that people caring for unrelated children more than four weeks in a calendar year must attain a daycare license.

After receiving the letter, Snyder, who was “freaked out,” called her husband and then the mothers of the three children she’d been watching.  

There has been discussion of state legislators exempting situations like Snyder’s and others. That way, neighbors like Snyder will still be able to help out friends without fear of legal woes.

In the News: Mattel Introduces New Line of Black Dolls

By: Danielle Canada

Mattel announced today their introduction of new Black Barbie dolls. The new dolls have fuller lips, a wider nose, more distinct cheekbones and curlier hair. Deemed the “So In Style” line, or S.I.S, the line features Kara, Trichelle and Grace who are three best friends in tune with fashion, fun and music.

Each doll features its own unique personality and style and reflects one of three various skin tones. The line also features a mentoring theme and each doll comes with her little sister. The big and little doll is set to inspire mentoring in the young girls who play with them.

Trichelle Trichelle and her little sister Janessa 

Kara Kara and her little sister Kianna 


Grace and her little sister Courtney Grace and her little sister Courtney 

Oh and not to fret ladies, Barbie has “good hair”! Barbie has new “Aqua curl” technology allowing little girls to curl, straighten and style their doll’s hair with a spray of water and hair styling tools.


I think it’s nice that they’re promoting a more “ethnic” Barbie and I do think they’re cute. Actually I’m a little jealous we didn’t have them when I was little.

I will say however that they could’ve left that aqua curl crap out because there will be millions of little girls wondering why their aqua naps don’t look like Barbie’s aqua curls but I digress…

I still give Mattel an A for effort especially now that I’m sure the Latina line of Barbie is soon to follow.

For an official look at the So In Style dolls visit their website here

*courtesy of D.Canada at

The Rumor Mill: Spencer’s Not Ready To Hear “Daddy”

by: Randi M.

During the premier of The Hills last night, we all saw how Spencer and Heidi were searching for a new house as newlyweds. Heidi fell in love with a house that included a “nursery,” as the realtor put it.  And Spencer’s face was priceless when his new wife called it a nursery too, because all he saw was an empty room. Later on in the show, the couple checked out a modern apartment that didn’t seem child friendly. And they may be stuck with it since Spencer put a downpayment on it without consulting Heidi.

It seems that Mr. Pratt is a little a afraid of fatherhood. Rumors are going around that Spencer is denying his new wife sex, because he doesn’t want her to get pregnant. He even thinks that Heidi would stop taking her birth control and not tell him, because she is ready for motherhood.

Click image for source.

Click image for source.

The Rumor Mill: Has Rihanna Moved On To JT?

by: Randi M.
Click image for source.

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Rumors have been going around that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel checked into the Heartbreak Hotel and ended their 3 year relationship. Some say the couple split over a month ago. and Rumors have been circulating that Justin and Chris Brown’s former lover, Rihanna, may have something going on. Some say that Rihanna and Justin did a lot of dancing at a VMA after party. And the two have been texting and calling constantly since the awards show. But the two could be working together on music…. Only time will tell.


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Keep it 100: Skinny Jeans Are Not For Adults!

A grown man cant walk around looking like THIS?

Okay look here’s the deal. Im tired of catching grown men rockin’ super-tight ass jeans! The sad part is they actually make jeans with tags that  say “super skinny”…smh. My dude..your 24 years old! I have no problem with those who are below the legal drinking age wearing  skinny jeans, there just kids. Most of them are fresh out of High School, so that means their mama’s are still funding their wardrobe. But you sir..your a grown ass man. You got a newborn AND one on the way. I don’t care how fresh you are or think you are fool take that clown suit off. Stop snooping around your home-girl’s jeans drawer..sicko. So every time I spot one of you bozoes I’m laughing and tweeting cause I know your not getting the least bit of lower body circulation. Dog (no homo) LETS YOUR NUTS BREATHE!