Off the Runway: Fly Fall Fashion Forecast

By: A.J. Washington

Welcome to “Off the Runway!” For those of you who still haven’t realized it, fall has indeed begun–so it’s time to start dressing like it! I want to highlight what I think is hawt for the guys and gals for fall 09. Here is the ladies- stay tuned for the fellas. If you don’t remember anything else from this post remember :dark colors (blacks, grays, blues, purples) are really in this fall! I apoloogize in advance for the “light skinned” (lol) models… you know they don’t hire us in fashion…

One trend I noticed with celebs in the summer and am sensing will continue in the fall, is the tendency to wear whatever the hell you want regardless of the weather ( see RiRi below) . There were many stars who wore thigh high leather boots in Mid-summer-it never rains in southern California heat (I don’t get it, but do you baby-boo). Many clothing Web sites have “fall collections” up that look like the same summer dresses worn in July but with tights or stockings added to the ensemble. RUDE is what I find this. Ladies, if you decide to do this summer dress/tights thing- make sure it’s executed correctly. MANY THANKS.

image from

I still don’t know if these are boots or leggings and booties. Either way it’s a tragedy.

image from

People (I used to be able to say just women…) love skinny bottoms…they’re not going nowhere for a while. If you do wear them this fall, switch it out with looks like these…

image from

image from

Check out a little outerwear:

imagae from

The boyfriend blazer is still really a chic look for the fall, as well as cute and dainty coats for the ladies.

image from

SHOES!!! Of course boots and especially booties, are in for the fall. I’ve selected some nice and inexpensive picks for the fall:

image from

image from

image from

And finally accessories. As I said before, this season is really all about darks and even taupes and odd browns, so you need STATEMENT pieces to really say “look at me” in order to stand out. And don’t be afraid to add some color.

image from

image from

image from

image from

cover image from

And remember: FIND, LOVE, BUY, FLYY!!!!


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