Overtime: Fumble


By: Melva Llyod

We’ve read the stores, viewed the headline news reports and hung our heads in disappointment when the news about Plaxico Burress hit the airwaves. So before I go any further, let’s rewind the tape and go over the events that have led to this football star’s ultimate shame and embarrassment. Last November, the star receiver for the New York Giants managed to shoot himself in the thigh with a gun that he had tucked away in his jeans. Jeans that he wore into the Latin Quarter Nightclub in Manhattan after eating at Applebee’s; not your typical flashy attire and dining experience for a millionaire right? After shooting himself in the thigh, he was taken to a local NY hospital and released the next morning as the injury was not life threatening, however career threateneing was something that even the doctors couldn’t cure. Burress turned himself into area police where he was charged with illegal posession of a handgun, a glock pistol to be exact. As you can imagine the press had a field day with this story: another NFL superstar makes a careless mistake, not to mention Burress is from the same Hampton Roads, Virginia area that bred Mike Vick and Allen Iverson, both who have track records themselves but we’ll save that for another blog.

In lew of this two-year sentence that he received yesterday, I’ve come up with some questions for Mr. Burress:

1. Where were your bodyguards? Aren’t they the ones who should be carrying the guns?
2. The Latin Quarter? Really? If the dress code at a club allows you to wear jeans, sneakers and a hoodie, then it’s not the place a household name should be partying.
3. Do you carry your gun with you everywhere? Are you that paranoid?
It’s not that Plaxico Burress is the only one at fault in this situation. So he walked into a club with a gun on his waist, which ultiamtely means that proper security protocal was not followed. Well all know that before entering into any club ladies have their purses checked, and men are searched before they step foot into the venue. So what happened to the bouncer that let Burress slide? Let’s hope he’s not patrolling another club because if that’s the case, my partying days NYC are over.

Yesterday Burress was sentenced to two years in prison; and while I don’t want to bash him and call him an idiot for his antics, it’s obvious that this could have easily been avoided. But was two years justifiable? I don’t think so. While his gun wasn’t registered in the state of New York, it was registered in Florida, and yes, he could’ve harmed innocent people but he shot himself and no one else. And for those of you living outside of the tri state area, just months ago a Harlem resident shot and killed two people with an unregistered gun at his hardware store – no charges have been brought against him.

As Plaxico re-examines the night that halted his career from behind bars let’s remember that everyone deserves a second chance and when you strip him of his big house, numerous cars, and multi million dollar contract, he’s just a guy that has to leave his young son, unborn child and wife at home. No amount of prision time could change that.


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