Keep It 100: Janet Jackson eff’ed up the MJ Tribute.

Keep It 100: Janet Jackson eff’ed up the MJ Tribute.

What do you think?



  1. I don’t necessarily think she messed it up. I just think a lot of people were expecting a lot of different things from that performance. She can’t please everybody. Besides, she’s getting old. Did you see that knee move? She could barely get back up Overall, it wasn’t bad though.

  2. Sorry, i disagree. I must say that i REALLY enjoyed the performance. I mean I got the same feeling i get when i’m at a really good concert. Yes, she did flub a couple moves, CLEARLY she did but i think it was a great, heartfelt effort tryna re-create the toughness and chemistry of the video given the circumstances for the performance anyway.

  3. I think she did good. I just wished that it had been longer. If the tribute was only given so much time, then those people dancing before Janet should have done less, and Janet should have done more. Overall it was good. And I thin she was brave for getting out there like that!

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