In the Limelight: We Major?

By: Sarah Hal

“The International a**hole, who complain about what he is owed, and throw a tantrum like he is 3 years old, you gotta love it though somebody still speak from his soul.”

By now everyone across the country has heard about Kanye West’s interruption at MTV’s Video Music Awards on September 13. The first award of the night for “Best Female Video” was awarded to teenage pop sensation Taylor Swift. Not more than ten seconds into her speech, Kanye grabbed her microphone and stated “Im really happy for you Taylor, but Beyonce had the best video of all time, of all time.” With an unsettling response from the crowd, Kanye left the stage and was later escorted out of the VMA’s.

If we explore Kanye’s media history, he was seemingly the savior when saying “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” in response to the 2005 Hurricane Katrina rescue efforts by the government. Then the ego begin to evolve each year at awards shows, especially with MTV as Kanye had an infamous meltdown backstage at the 2007 VMA’s (watch here) and during the MTV European Music Awards after losing Best Video he grabbed the mic and stated “If I don’t win, the Award Show loses, credibility.”

So what makes this interruption so worthy of everyone’s negative backlash towards Kanye West?? Is it Taylor’s young age and being a country/pop music star why America felt Kanye was coldhearted? Would people feel so offended if it were Lady Gaga that Kanye interrupted?

Exactly one week after the VMA’s, Kanye West remains a top search topic all over the Internet. After years of notoriety and music industry achievement, is Kanye’s image severely tarnished because of one lapse in judgement? Celebrities automatically become titled as “role models” due to their entertainment talents, and expected to act free of emotion and error. Kanye’s emotions caused him to be the current media target subjected to continuos degradation. No worries though, next week another celebrity will act berserk and Kanye West will be old news…right?

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