Cultivate It: …And a Glass of Moscato

By: Tiffani Haynes

The popular white wine, Moscato, has always been a favorite among wine aficionados but it’s becoming more mainstream, particularly in the young Black community.

So, SM decided to school you about a little history of the delicious wine that’s making its way into the homes of young people and the lyrics of rap songs.

 There are many different variations of the wine, ranging from Moscato to Muscat. Yet, the most common names for the grapes used are Muscat Blanc and Muscat Canelli. Some studies have shown that Moscato, originally from Greece, is the forefather of all grapes. There are even documents of Moscato being served as early as 1303. While Greece may have claim to creating Moscato, Italy holds the current reign of Moscato wineries.



 The sweet-smelling and tasting dessert wine has gone from being used as an after-dinner indulgence to a wine favorite served regularly. Because of its low alcohol content, the wine is able to be enjoyed without as much reserve.

 The crisp, sweet taste is often a favorite among women. Ladies, even if you don’t like much wine, try Moscato. It’s the perfect introduction into wine.

 There’s a great website that gives history, reviews, locations and a host of other information about your favorite wine and others to try. is an excellent website to check out.



Try these delicious Moscato wines:

Sutter Home Moscato

Bartenura Moscato

Beringer Vineyards Moscato

Michele Chiarlo Moscato D’asti Nivole

Robert Petcota Muscat Canelli



*Images Courtesy of International Cellar and Ceretto





  1. Chiarlo Nivole Moscato is da BOMB!!!

  2. You should try Debortli Moscatos. They have even have a sparkling Pink Moscato. My friend served it at her bridal shower and wedding. To die for!!!

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