Overtime: Serena Takes Anger Out on Mother Nature


By: Melva Lloyd

Serena Williams has made a name for herself both on and off the tennis court.  She’s a 12-time grand slam champion, an authoress, aspiring actress and fashion designer and one of the most feared women with a tennis racket. (the other being her sister, Venus)  But all of that changed in a matter of seconds when she let her anger get the best of her at this years’ US Open.  And rather than giving you the play-by-play here’s the footage from her match against the comeback kid Kim Clijsters:

She yelled, she screamed, she threatened to shove a tennis ball down the lineswoman’s throat…but let us not forget the days of John McEnroe who almost couldn’t finish a match unless he broke his racket or cursed out a chair umpire. But now Serena has been labeled a wild child, one who can’t keep her cool and has scared the USTA half to death.  Among all the controversy Tampax has announced that they will begin running their print advertisement, which features Serena, hitting tennis balls towards a woman depcited as Mother Nature.  (We’ve seen the commercials, Mother Nature arrives dressed in green with a woman’s “monthly gift” just as they hit the beach or the pool)  The ad was shot before the incident that took place during the US Open Procter & Gamble have no intentions on shelving it. 

Serena had one blow-up that’s she’s apologized for and whether her on-court antics are more of a reason for P&G to go forth with this ad, we’ll never know.  But you can be the judge when the ads start running in select magazines starting in October.

Video courtesy of youtube.com

Image courtesy of: mediapost.com

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