The Limelight: Worth A Peek? New TV Shows Fall 2009

Written by Sarah Hall

It is difficult to find many worthy television sitcoms in a media filled with reality TV. In addition to the lost essence of TV shows, predominantly African-American casts are null and void (oh wait, there’s always Frankie & Neffie, black TV at its finest, thanks BET).  Regardless of television preference,  some variety is available for your viewing pleasure with the following shows premiering this Fall.


Premieres: Fox Sunday, Sept. 27 at 8:30pm


This new spinoff series from the extremely popular “Family Guy” offers a new side of character Cleveland Brown in “The Cleveland Show. The show highlights a new life for the character as he moves from Rhode Island to Virginia, leaving his Family Guy ties behind. Sanaa Lathan offers her voice as Cleveland’s wife and Regan Gomez-Preston as Cleveland’s daughter.


Premieres: NBC Monday, September 28 at 10pm

Trauma NBC Show

NBC has reconstructed its medical based hit series “ER” with this new TV drama based on a group of San Francisco first-responder paramedics. The series portrays the working and social lives of six paramedics responding to emergencies in the most stressing conditions. Let the drama begin…I will be watching.


Premieres: BET October 5 at 11pm


Comedian and actress Mo’Nique makes another TV headline with her own late nights talk show The Mo’Nique Show.” The hour long show will feature celebrity interviews, skits, and other performances that Mo’nique will surely deliver in comedic form. Although this show is on my least favorite network ever (BET), I am looking forward to her presentation of  show topics and interviews.


Premieres: ABC Tuesday, November 3rd at 8pm


Another attack on America occurs as this series centers on the invasion of alien spaceships over every major city. The aliens peacefully enter human life through gift giving and curing the sick. As time progresses, humans become curious of the aliens’ intentions, discovering that the takeover of this country is in jeopardy. This is seemingly “Men In Black” or “Independence Day” spread out over 13 episodes, but reviews have been positive and this series may possibly steal the primetime ratings.


Premieres: Fox Saturday, Nov. 7 at 8pm

the wanda sykes show

Comedian Wanda Sykes takes another stab at her own sitcom with this one-hour show that will feature commentary and panel discussions from Sykes perspective. She may not always be highly noted for her comedic performances, and has yet to receive positive reviews. I may tune in for an episode, support HU alumni.


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