Keep it 100: Can Diddy Still Deliver?

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 The infamous Sean “Diddy” Combs is the cover boy for Ebony‘s November issue. The article focuses on his up-coming album “Last Train to Paris and the other chaotic aspects of his life. If you’ve had a chance to see MTV’s Making His Band, then you know Diddy’s approach to his new album is definitely out -of- the- box and can’t quite be classified as hip-hop, pop or rock. Which here in  lies the problem: who will buy it? This could be a great hit, or a magnificent mess. The responses from his video new “Angels” with group Dirty Money, got mixed responses. Many artists are daring to be diffrent and branch out of their confort zone, but will it work for Diddy? I’m not talking about Ciroc, Sean Jean, his television shows or any other ventures- let’s focus on the music. Can he still deliver a solid album? You tell me…
Posted by A.J. Washington


  1. He cant sing but its Diddy so i fux wit it

  2. It will be difficult to judge the album since Diddy always ties some type of media hype to his albums. The Making His Band show will make people interested in the album, but I doubt if the album will be some great artistry that we have yet to hear in the music industry. I think Diddy should stick to being behind the scenes and leave being a music artist alone.

  3. I will be the first to say that Diddy works my last nerve and when I heard that his latest album “Last Train to Paris” was supposed have some sort of electro-funk, hip-hop vibe I immediately wrote him off. “Press Play” was a flop and in terms of Diddy thinking that he’s a lyricist, womp womp lol…however, I watch “Making His Band” and Dirty Money’s songs are played all throughout those episodes and I find myself bobbing my head to “Angels” and “Love Come Down”…I even put them on the iPOD…so I won’t pass judgement on this new venture yet, I’m actually thinking that he might be onto something with this.

    – Melva

  4. I hate to admit it but I actually do like the two songs he’s put out. It’s making me want to hear the whole Last Train to Paris album. He’s a hell of a marketing strategist and he has the means to do it. I mean he’s an executive producer on 4 MTV shows. He just might make a comeback.

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