The LimeLight: Movie Alert -“Good Hair”

By: Sarah Hall

Good Hair

The infamous saying “You have Good hair” has sparked hundreds of debates in the black community. The exact definition of good hair versus bad hair is always dependent on individual perception of black hair.

Famous comedian Chris Rock looks to explore this concept in his upcoming film/documentary “Good Hair.” The film will feature footage and commentary from hairshows, beautyshops, barbershops, and celebrities. While you count on Chris Rock for comedic highlights in the film, the basis of the film explores attitudes and beliefs towards what is presumed as “beauty” and an in-depth portrayal of what African-Americans believe “good hair” encompasses.

“Good Hair” is slated to hit select theaters on October 9 and opens nationwide on October 23. I must say this is one of the few films I am excited to see this year and applause to Chris Rock for getting the documentary/film released nationwide.  Check below to view the trailer and leave your thoughts on “Good Hair.”


  1. EXCELLENT MOVIE! I went to a pre-screening in Atlanta.
    Be on the lookout for a limelight review folks!

  2. I have a hunch that this movie will be rehashing information that most Black women and even Black men, know about Black hair. we know that most of Hollywood wears weaves, lacefront wigs, extensions, clip-ons, etc. I know about relaxers and the potential for chemical burns and hair loss (although I use them anyway lol) I’m hoping that the blogs provide reviews because I want to know what NEW insight mr. Rock will provide.

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