The Limelight: TLC and Kate drop Jon

By Melva N. Lloyd


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We knew that it would only be a matter of time before TLC cut all ties with former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star, Jon Gosselin.  After a highly publicized separation from his wife and co-star and constant media attention, TLC announced that starting on November 2nd, Jon Gosselin will no longer appear on the popular reality series that highlights the parents raising their twins and sextuplets.  In addition to releasing the newly single father from his duties as a television star, the program will also be renamed to simply, Kate Plus 8.

A source close to the show insists that “he will be seen on the show from time to time” but as for those infamous interviews on the couch with Kate, Jon will have to kiss those goodbye – something I’m sure he’s heartbroken over. 

Since Jon & Kate Plus 8 returned from a six week hiatus  in August, ratings have dropped significantly; stripping the show of its “most-watched” title.  However, Kate has not let that dim her spotlight.  The TV mom just finished a stint as a guest host on ABC’s The View, filling in for Elisabeth Hasselbeck who is on maternity leave.  Up next for Kate? An appearance on the pilot taping for Food Network star and chef, Paula Dean.

While Jon is busy spanning the globe with his new 20-something year-old girlfriend, Kate is making her rounds on talk shows and holding countless interviews with magazines; which leaves one to wonder: how are the Gosselin offspring dealing with all of this?

Kate Plus 8 airs Monday, November 2nd on TLC


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