The LimeLight: Yung Berg Gets Tha Business…Again?


Yung Berg has surfaced again, but not with another hit-single. This week video has surfaced of Yung Berg being sucker punched in the back of the head while shopping in Los Angeles. The video, which Berg claims is from two years ago, shows an altercation between Yung Berg and his management and others. Berg clearly looks timid in this video, and clearly he talks more smack than he acts. Check the video below to see the foolery…

Last year footage was released of Yung Berg getting jumped and having his chain snatched in a Detroit nightclub. So with two videos circulating of Berg being beat, his PR people (if he has any) have some major work to do. If the videos aren’t enough, Berg released a response video yesterday and his explanation is terrible.

Yung Berg claims he has a new team of people, which he should given his last team never had his back, but are they to blame for Berg’s continued beatings? This guy has some major image reformation to do if he has plans on staying in this music industry as a rapper. I wish the little Berg luck in staying credible in this industry, he needs it.

By: Sarah Hall


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  1. I’m glad he got “da bizness”. I have a long memory and I will not forget that “dark butt” comment. I dont care that he prefers women of a lighter hue, but I can’t stand that dark skinned women were reduced to a body part. I have no sympathy.

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