In the News: Mattel Introduces New Line of Black Dolls

By: Danielle Canada

Mattel announced today their introduction of new Black Barbie dolls. The new dolls have fuller lips, a wider nose, more distinct cheekbones and curlier hair. Deemed the “So In Style” line, or S.I.S, the line features Kara, Trichelle and Grace who are three best friends in tune with fashion, fun and music.

Each doll features its own unique personality and style and reflects one of three various skin tones. The line also features a mentoring theme and each doll comes with her little sister. The big and little doll is set to inspire mentoring in the young girls who play with them.

Trichelle Trichelle and her little sister Janessa 

Kara Kara and her little sister Kianna 


Grace and her little sister Courtney Grace and her little sister Courtney 

Oh and not to fret ladies, Barbie has “good hair”! Barbie has new “Aqua curl” technology allowing little girls to curl, straighten and style their doll’s hair with a spray of water and hair styling tools.


I think it’s nice that they’re promoting a more “ethnic” Barbie and I do think they’re cute. Actually I’m a little jealous we didn’t have them when I was little.

I will say however that they could’ve left that aqua curl crap out because there will be millions of little girls wondering why their aqua naps don’t look like Barbie’s aqua curls but I digress…

I still give Mattel an A for effort especially now that I’m sure the Latina line of Barbie is soon to follow.

For an official look at the So In Style dolls visit their website here

*courtesy of D.Canada at


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  1. This is a good idea. And I am glad that the girls of the next generation will have more ethnic dolls to play with.

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