The Limelight: Recap of RHOA Reunion & Preview

by: Randi M.

In case you missed the Real Housewives of Atlanta, here are some of the stuff that went down. Make sure you check the last two video for a preview of next week’s part two of the reunion.

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The Limelight: Morgan Freeman Plays Nelson Mandela In New Film

By: Randi M.

Morgan Freeman is playing the role of the South African President, Nelson Mandela, in the movie Invictus. The movie will also star Clint Eastwood and Matt Damon. The movie will tell the story of how Mandela came together with the South African Rugby Team’s captain to unite the country. The movie is set to be released by Warner Bros. on Dec 11th.





The Limelight: New Vid- “Empire State of Mind”

The new video for Jay-z and Alicia Keys song “Empire State of Mind” hit the media waves yesterday. This song is receiving huge radio spins and has been in the top 10 Billboard Hip-Hop/R&B charts for four weeks. The video was directed by the legendary Hype Williams. Check the vid below…

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By: Sarah J

In the Limelight: Beanie and Jay Speak Out on Diss Record

By: Tiffani Haynes

By now everyone has heard Beanie Sigel’s Jay-Z diss record. It’s basically old news. But what is new is the interview Sigel did with Charlamagne the God on his radio station and more anticipated, Jay’s response to the diss record and the allegations.

Sigel’s record called out Jay, Dame Dash and Memphis Bleek as being unloyal and untrue to the Roc-A-Fella family. In his Friday morning interview, (, Beans dropped his version of the drama, the business and the friendships. He accused Jay of keeping most money to himself (saying once the rap group Young Gunz called him on tour saying Jay only give them $1200 a show to split between the two of them) and refusing to let him out of his contract so that he could go sign with 50 Cent’s G-Unit label.

He admitted that Dame had been skimming money off the top of some companies and putting them in his own. Sigel claimed that most of Roc-A-Fella team had realized Dame’s “embezelling” ways and that was the reason for the duo’s split saying even Jay had mentioned it in his lyrics “too much flossin/too much Sam Rothstein.” According to Beanie, Dame had been using money from some of the label’s other companies and his State Property clothing line to provide his lavish lifestyle of private jets, villas, maids and servants. It seemed most of his beef was with Jay as he only mentioned Bleek as being unloyal.

He then went on to say that record was a personal one because of the feelings that had been involved with the business/friendship. During one of Sigel’s court cases, Jay watched as he was locked up. When the judge asked if Jay would take responsibility for Beanie’s whereabouts if he was released, Jay said no. According to Beanie, his friend watched and helped him be denied bail and sent back to his cell.


While Beans might insist that he still has love for Jay, Dame and Bleek and the record wasn’t a “diss” record, it sure seems that way. It’s obvious his feelings had been deeply hurt and he decided to speak on it.

Yet, a Jay-Z response had been highly anticipated. Would he speak out publicly, reach out personally man-to-man or take his backlash to wax? Jay opted for the first move and spoke out during a Canadian press response today. He seemed pretty nonchalant about the whole thing, even after one of his oldest friends in the game had publicly denounced their friendship. ” So, I don’t know what more can you do for a person at that point. A record deal – that’s normal. A record label and a clothing line. If that’s not pushing the person…sh*t.” -Jay-Z

Check out the video of his response:

In The News: Swine Flu Claims More Lives, Hundreds of Schools Closed

by: Randi M.

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The death toll of children falling victim to the Swine Flu continue to rise. The CDC reported that 19 children died from the flu last week. Since the flu broke out last spring 114 kids have died from the Swine Flu. Throughout 19 states, over 350 schools were closed last week due to the H1N1 breakout. The CDC had reported the Swine Flu had reached all but two states in the U.S.

In The News: Walmart Sells Caskets Now

by: Randi M.

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At first I thought this was a Halloween joke that was circulating on the internet, but it is true. Walmart is now selling caskets. Prices vary from $999 to $3000. Some are saying this may threaten funeral homes. Guess now you can really buy everything at everyday low prices.

The Limelight: Beanie Sigel Jay-z Diss