Overtime: NBA Bans Twitter

By: Sarah Hall

Dwyane Wide with Sidekick 3

With the NBA pre-season kicking off today and the start of the 2009-2010 season set to take off October 27, the NBA has issued a memo banning the use of social media websites. The memo issued Wednesday, stated players are not allowed to use cell phones or other electronic devices from 45 minutes before game time until after the game and all media/press inquiries are completed.  The ban will also include coaches and other team personnel, except team owners. There have not been any penalties or fines specified (as of yet) if a player is in violation of the new policy.

Social network sites have the ability to alter business operations, but it is unbelievable that sites such as Twitter are interfering with athletes’ ability to perform their job. They don’t sit at an office desk and have a lunch break where they can tweet. NBA players are paid to play 48 minutes of basketball and the focus is to win the game, not tweet that “you just missed a free throw.” Dwyane Wade recently tweeted his thoughts about the new NBA ban stating,

“When you come to work, you come to work. You can tweet before, you can tweet after. It’s not addicting like where I’m going to take a bathroom break, go downstairs and tweet. I think people take it a little too far with that. But I think it’s very good to have communications with your fans, personally. A lot of people, you can see them in a different light.”

I can’t blame the NBA for taking precautions and setting a policy to prevent players from letting social networking interfere with their jobs. Let us know what you think…


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