Keep It 100: Rosary Chains Are Not Rap Related




Now I know the existing trend for us common folk is to just follow whatever the hell  rappers do but this time you negroes have went too far. I will make it as clear as possible for you: rosary chains are for catholics…period. To make it so bad, half of you fools have no idea that rosary chains denote a religious faith. If you run into someone with a rosary chain the conversation will go somewhat like this:

You: Hey wuz good homie…

Them: Sh*t chillin’ my nig..wuz poppin

You: Damn dog, I didn’t know you was Catholic

Them: Why you say that?

You: Huh!?!

That’s a direct effect of that damn rap music, grow your own mind and get your own style and stop swagger-jackin’ the church. You can get mad at me if you want but that’s how you know I’m right.



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  1. I agree…I believe I saw Tyrese wearing one 2 years ago in a magazine photo shoot…and now every single artist is puttin them on. Now that Jay-z is wearing his rosary chains, the senseless following will only get worse.

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