Status 10: Can’t Ban the Snowman


Written by Michele Byrd

Our next featured rapper hails from the city of true southern hospitality, good cooking, and words that no one else in the continental United States can understand: Atlanta, Georgia. Since, I too hail from the city with a million streets named Peachtree, it is only right that I present to you all, Status Media’s number 5 pick, Young Jeezy.

There are so many things I can say about this man. I will start by saying that to this day, “I Put On” has the uncanny ability to make me dance, anywhere…morning, noon, or night. But this isn’t so much about my spontaneous dancing, or even my opinion, it’s more about the facts.

The self proclaimed “Snowman” burst onto the scene in 2005 with his debut album, Lets Get It: Thug Motivation. Singles like “Go Crazy,” with fellow rapper Jay Z, and “Soul Survivor,” shot straight to the top of the charts, and still remain the anthems for my freshman year of college.

In 2006, he released The Inspiration, which yielded the memorable singles, “I Love It,” and “Go Getta,” featuring R. Kelly. The Recession followed in 2008 with the a song that marked a new era in our history, “My President,” featuring Nas.

Even with the aforementioned resume laid out before you, you may still wonder why Young Jeezy is Status Media’s number 5 pick. Well ladies and gents, whether you choose to face it or not, Jeezy’s raspy vocals and clever lyrics have been at the forefront of the rap game for the last 5 or so years. In an industry that is known for its hot today, gone tomorrow artists, Jeezy appears to have staying power. Think about it. What was the single that everybody was bumping out of their car windows last year? My president is black, my lambo is blue…Yea. Ya’ll know the rest.

Trends come and trends go, but Jeezy the Snowman is here to stay…for now at least. The rapper’s fourth LP, Thug Motivation 103, is due to drop later this year.


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