Status 10: Drake’s up next

“I can’t live and hold the camera, someone gotta tape this/I make hits and like a bi*** just married i ain’t miss/24 hours from greatness, I’m that close”

drakeIt is difficult to find a radio station not spinning at least two songs daily that feature Drake. What makes Drake different from most new rap artist is his laid back demeanor. He doesn’t crave media time nor has he fall custom to the “hip hop syndrome” of jewelry, cars, and materialistic lyrics (at least not yet.)

Drake exploded onto the scene by continuously releasing credible mixtapes and increasing his buzz within the industry. In 2007, Drake released Comeback Season mixtape with appearances from Trey Songz, Rich Boy, and Lil Wayne. The song “Replacement Girl” featuring Trey Songz was played on 106 & Park and Drake seemingly established his position as a new artist. In February 2009 So Far Gone was released and Drake took off.  The mixtape receieved so much play that several songs such as “Best I Ever Had” and “Successful” begin receiving radio spins. (Sidenote =Drake had 2 singles receiveing daily radio spins without a record deal). So Far Gone allowed Drake to receive applause from many of the top rappers in the game, from Jay-Z to Lil Wayne.

In June 2009, Drake ended the label wars when he singed a deal with Young Money. Drake then joined Lil Wayne and company on the America’s Most Wanted Tour this summer, where he reinjured his knee after falling on stage. Drake had surgery in September and will not do any shows or appereances until fully rehibilateated. He is in the studio recording for his highly anticipated debut album “Thank Me Later.”

No worries though, Drake recorded several songs and videos before his exit for knee surgery, so radio and tv shows have enough Drake to last. Check below to hear the latest song released by Drake titled “Fear.” While this song is not slated to be on the album, it features refreshing lyrics of Drake’s thought about the music industry.

It may be the Young Money team behind him or Drake’s pure talent causing his media buzz, whatever the cause, his “So Far Gone” mixtape, which was rereleased for retail on September 15 sold 73,000 copies the first week. Who buys a mixtape that has already been free for an entire year? Drake is truly moving and what people want to hear. He is selling more units for a mixtape than some artist only sell in a month, so his album is sure to go platinum.drake-f63-cutout

If the album sales and radio play are not enough stats, did I mention that Drake was nominated for MTV Video Music Award “Best New Artist In a Video” and has been nominated for five BET Hip Hop Awards? In addition to Drake’s lyrical skills and media buzz, he also has a little vocal ability. Drake lends his singing skills on many of his songs and features including the hit “Best I Ever Had” and “A Night Off” featuring Lloyd. Drake is refreshing because he is not a gangster rapper, no ego, and he is an entertainment industry combo of acting, rapping, and singing.

Drake’s first album “Thank Me Later” is slated to drop in February 2010. “Buzz so big I can problaly sell a blank disc”….Excited to hear what his album offers.

By: Sarah Hall


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