Status 10: The Number One Contender, Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

By Danielle Canada

Lil Wayne is an enigma, a shape shifter, a game changer. Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. began as a 15-year-old signee to Cash Money Records in N’awlins when he was just a whiny kid with a wheezy voice. Now he’s developed and transitioned into being one of the biggest names in Hip-Hop of all time.

The 27-year old felt the fruits of his labor with the crossover success of his album, The Carter III landing him with an unprecedented eight Grammy award nominations. Weezy won just one of the eight nods but gleefully accepted it saying:

“Thank god, thank New Orleans, thank these people you see right here and thank you!”

Constantly deeming himself’ the best rapper alive’ is continuing to seem more and more fitting. At just 27-years old he’s a Grammy award winning daddy of three, or four, or five and is the baby daddy to three, or four, or five, different women.



Lauren London





Which begs the question…..WHAT IS IT ABOUT LIL WAYNE????!!!!

Maybe it’s his mixtapes and his endless features on track after track, which have consequently made him incredibly rich.

Or maybe it’s his good looks.


Errr…maybe not.

Nevertheless, his raps are hot, sometimes borderline incoherent …but hot nonetheless. With his hot raps and album success, he’s expanding his business side and boasts one of the hottest starting line ups in Hip-Hop with his Young Money record label including Nicki Minaj, Mack Maine and the boy wonder himself, Drake.

His next mixtape is on the way and titled No Ceilings, which he claims, could be out very soon. He recently told Atlanta’s very own, DJ Drama that No Ceilings was indeed on the way saying,

“You know me, I’ll have it done in a week.”

His “rock” album, Rebirth, got pushed back once again to December but hopefully it’ll never see the light of the day.

Recently, Wayne and his “dad”, Birdman, celebrated his 27th birthday last week. Baby showed off his 9-27-82 tattoo commemorating his son’s special day and gave him a $1 million dollar watch and diamond encrusted cake.

Check out the ‘bling bling’ foolery here:

Young Moola Baby….


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