Status 10: Who’s The Boss?

By: Chris Swails and Tiffani Haynes

Controversial rapper Rick Ross has been making headlines since 2006 and hasn’t stopped since.

The Miami native has three number one albums and two major controversial beefs under his belt. Ross released his first album, Port of Miami, in 2006 after signing with Slip-N-Slide Records under the Def Jam umbrella. The first album sparked interest in the Hip-Hop community with his hit singles “Port of Miami” and “Push It.”

He has since created his second and third album, “Trilla” and “Deeper Than Rap,” respectively. “Deeper Than Rap” was released under his own music label, Maybach Music Group. These two albums solidified Ross’ place in the rap game as both widely received and highly anticipated.

Yet, Ross hasn’t only become famous for his lyrics, but for his publicized beefs. Earlier this year Ross squared off with 50 cent in a on-wax beef that resulted in multiple internet videos from each artist. Mr. Jackson had a ball taking Tiallondra  Kemp (Ross’s son’s mother) and her friend out shopping at the Gucci store in New York. Some short weeks later Ross dropped “Mafia Music” and gave 50 a few bars from the BOWSS (Boss).

We steppin’ on your crew until the mother******* crush, and makin’ sweet love to every woman that you lust/ I love to play her bills cant wait to pay her rent Curtis Jackson baby mama I aint ask her for a cent/ Burn the house down now you gotta buy another dont forget the gas can stupid jealous mother******/.

Image is everything in this game and when it comes to painting a picture nobody does it better than the Boss. His entire look demands attention, the suits, the shades and the bierd are all components of his distinguished look that is all his own. The thing about Ross’s music is that it does something to the listeners self-esteem, Ross will have thinking YOUR the Boss. He wants us all remember that “its deeper than rap”and he lets us know that all the way through his new album.

Tracks to look for:

1. Usual Suspects ft. Nas

2. Rich Off Cocaine ft. Avery Storm

3. In Cold Blood

Check out for exclusive news and media from Rick Ross.

“Run with me or run from me”!


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