The Status 10

In light of MTV putting together their list of hottest MCs, Status Media decided to represent for the real Hip-Hop heads. This list is compiled of artists that you can’t seem to dodge, they’re constantly on your ipod, in your car and on your TV screen. To fully embrace this list you must first understand where we are coming from. The term “hottest” does not mean the greatest, the best, most lyrical etc. For this reason Jay-z is NOT included. The artists on this list are the most popular names in the game, they are the most requested, the most downloaded, the most loved and you cant forget the most hated. The R&B list is coming next week courtesy of Status Media Global, enjoy.

1. Lil’ Wayne

2. Drake

3. Kanye West

4. Gucci Mane

5. Young Jeezy

6. Rick Ross

7. Soulja Boy

8. Fabolous

9. Wale

10. Kid Cudi


  1. im just confused as to way my man Blake Kelly aint on the list. He the out in the Nation Hampton.

  2. Im just confused as to why my homie Blake Kelly not on this list. He the hottest in the Nation Hampton.

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