The Limelight: Tyler Perry Reveals Past Child Abuse

by: Randi M.

Click image for source.

Click image for source.

While working as the executive producer on the movie Precious, Tyler Perry revealed information about his troubled past. The man known for playing the famous character, Madea, said the issues that Precious had to deal with in the movie made him remember his own issues.
On his website, the actor revealed the abuse that he received from various members of his family. One story reads:

“…my father came home…mad at the world. He was drunk, as he was most of the time. He got the vacuum cleaner extension cord and trapped me in a room and beat me until the skin was coming off my back.”

Perry tells of a time when he had to go the doctor because he had asthma. However his grandmother didn’t think it was necessary to be “wasting all that money.” Perry revealed, “She said she was going to kill these germs on me once and for all. She gave me a bath in ammonia.”

Perry even goes on to reveal being molested, his father molesting one his childhood friends, and witnessing his father beat his mother. 

To read the entire letter click here:


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