The Rumor Mill: Different Stories Circulating About A.J.’s Death

by: Randi M.
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Various stories have been hitting the internet as to what the real motive of the fight that resulted in Ashley “AJ” Jewell’s death. As soon as Frederick Richardson was released from the hospital, he was taken  into custody and charged with voluntary manslaughter. Richardson’s defense attorney, Dennis Scheib, says the charges are premature since the police haven’t discovered how AJ died. The examiner’soffice has not received test results.

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Some are saying the confrontation between Jewell and Richardson stemmed from a business deal going wrong. While other reports are saying the Jewell may have had a sexual relationship with Richardson’s companion, Veronica Jones. Richardson was the general manager of the Body Tap adult club, and Jewell was part of a business deal to buy part of the establishment. Witnesses say Jewell threw the first punch. Only time will tell what really went down. AJ and his loved ones are still in our prayers.


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