The Rumor Mill: Ray J’s Attends Danger’s Baby Shower

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by: Randi M. 

It’s nice to see that there are still some gentlemen out there. Ray J stopped by Danger’s, one of his former For The Love Of Ray J conestants. Her baby shower was hosted by another contestant from the show, Stilts. When the show ended, Rumors circulated that Ray J was the father of Danger’s baby. However, Danger later confirmed that it wasn’t. She said she told a friend it was a possible and word got out. But it turned out to be false. It still nice for him to show his support.

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  1. Danger is a hoe………she dont even know who her babay is

  2. Danger is a b!tch she don’t even know who’s her baby’s daddy iz what a SLUTY ASS B!TCH!!! Ray J doesn’t want to be the father anyways to DAMN SEXY to be.

  3. thats not nice ladies. She is turning her life around! Why are you juding her from what she did in the fucking pass. Whats done is done she will be a mother soon

  4. yall bitches be dickeating off of danger cuz she look better than yall danger i wish the best for you and i hope ray j is the father and haters back off her dick cuz yall mad that yall not fucking rayj

    • thank you. i hope ray is the father, because i personally think he truly loved her and i think she still loves him. all these fuckers keep hating on my girl danger. hehe. she’s beautiful and they’re haters. stay off danger jock. if she doesn’t know who the father of her child is that has NOTHING to do with anyone.

  5. dis is some real B.S

  6. I really do feel like Ray J would have been an awsome father to Danger’s baby.

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