In the Limelight: Looks Like Tameka is Waiting for Usher to Sign the ‘Papers’

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

By: Tiffani Haynes

Usher released a new song, “Papers,” this week crooning out his need to be free and asking his wife (we presume) to sign the divorce papers. Seeing that Usher is going through a divorce right now, the song seems fitting. He’s always been one to sing about his current personal situations.

Yet, Usher might not be telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth. A source close to Tameka Foster, Usher’s wife, says that she’s been waiting on him to sign the divorce papers.

According to the, “”Tameka thinks that it’s ironic that ‘Papers’ is his comeback single when she just wants him to sign the paperwork and finalize the divorce,” said a source close to Foster. “The terms and conditions have been agreed on for around a month but he keeps stalling on them and she’s the one that wants to move on with her life.”

Let’s see if his new Raymond v. Raymond album will give us a little more juice. “Papers” gave us a good taste.


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