In The News: Aussie Show Apologizes For Performing in “Blackface”

by: Randi M.

On Wednesday night,  the Australian show Hey Hey It’s Saturday did a blackface skit of the Jackson 5 performing. White cast members painted their faces with black paint to portray the Jackson 5. The guy that played the late Michael Jackson painted his face white. People had mixed feelings about the skit. Some felt it was racist while others found it amusing. Either way the host of the show, Daryl Somers, apologized at the end of the show. This was after one of the judges on the show, Harry Connick Jr., rated the performance a zero and said if it had happened in the U.S. it would have been pulled off the air. Check the performance for yourself below and tell us what you think!



  1. From the moment they were introduced as the Jackson Jive… I knew some FOOLERY was about to take place. I am glad the American guy commented on the portrayal of Black people in buffonish manners and how this would not be acceptable in America. Jesse and Big Perm (aka Al Sharpton) would have had a fit until the white guys issued some lame apology.

  2. HO HUMM..

  3. white folks just wanna be black so bad……i wonder what would happen if 5 black people painted their faces white and pretended to be the osmans. its a CALAMITY!

  4. i personally didn’t find anything funny about this skit… people really don’t know when to draw the line when it comes to ‘comedy’… it’s a shame.

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