Status 10: Maxwell Redefines ‘Grown and Sexy’

By: Tiffani Haynes

He mixes R and B with neo soul effortlessly. He walks the fine line of sex and love perfectly. His soft notes transition into powerful crescendos like the interlacing of two lovers’ hands into a tight grasp.

He’s Maxwell. The beautiful man whose qualities, talents and charisma can’t be summed up in even the above description.

The world, especially the female population, is falling in love with Maxwell all over again this year. After taking an eight-year hiatus from music, Maxwell has reentered the scene with the first part, BLACKsummers’night, of his trilogy project. Since the album’s release on July 7, Maxwell has been touring the country with Chrisette Michele and Common.

Maxwell has proven that he can release an album, Now, in 2001, completely remove himself from music, make one appearance at the 2008 BET Awards to honor Al Green, cut off his locks and reappear in 2009 with the Pretty Wings favorite and be an instant hit again.

Why? Because he’s Maxwell and he can do that.

He hasn’t offered a real reason why he left music. There wasn’t a deep self-revelation process or the often-time drug rehab stint, he just left. Simple as that. Maxwell took time off for Maxwell.

Why? Because he’s Maxwell and he wanted to.

Notice a pattern? Maxwell has established a strong brand of who he is and maintained loyal fans who respect that. Of course this is all besides the fact that he’s extremely talented, looks as good as he sings and has a great personality to boot.

Maxwell. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Maxwell Favorites:

Ascension (Don’t You Ever Wonder)

‘Til the Cops Come Knockin

Whenever, Wherever, Whatever

Matrimony: Maybe You


Pretty Wings

Bad Habit

Fist Full of Tears


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