Status 10: A Dream Like None Other

By A.J. Washington



At first listen, this guy sounds like a pre-pubescent young man, but as you continue to listen, you’ll hear language that you hope is that of a grown man. His lyrical content can be racy and vulgar, but just so darn catchy, that it’s hard not to sing along with him.

Terius “The Dream” Nash is in a class all his own. Melodic, edgy, and absolutely raw is what describes The Dream. In an era where successful male vocalists are a rarity, The Dream has managed to gain popularity doing the opposite of what everyone else does. With the exception of the cover and spread in Vibe magazine with his wife Christina Milian, you’ve probably never seen him shirtless; or worse, ferociously grinding air on the stage of a concert hall, as some of his counterparts have resorted to do.

He indeed lives up to the name he’s given himself– “Radio Killer;” The Dream’s been slaying the charts for nearly a decade with incredibly successful hits.  Nash produced Rihanna’s “Umbrella,” J. Holiday’s “Bed,” and other hits for Madonna, Britney Spears, Jamie Foxx and Mariah Carey.

In order to have a successful business, and entrepreneur must find his niche; and be good at it, this Atlanta, Georgia native has done just that. His niche is simple, but needed in today’s industry; the ability to be different.  The Dream heavily uses piano, hard base and an array of artificial sounds that makes his music sound like something from the future.

The Dream treats his albums like novels, each song a chapter, contributing to the climax and resolution of the story. On his second and most recent album, Love vs. Money, he meets a girl and falls in love on “Rocking That Thing” and “Walking on the Moon,” then becomes enraged after love turns on him in “Love vs. Money Part 1 and 2.” Later on in “Mr. Yeah,” it seems his one-time love has moved on, but he tells her, “you will always be my baby… you can always come back,” and ends the song with one question, “Can we f*ck now?”

He is clever, witty, honest and a musical genius- if you haven’t given him a chance, you’re missing out on the sweetest dream you’ve had in a long time.

from google images

from google images


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