Status 10: CB Stands For Come Back


What more can be said about Chris Brown?

He is an amazing entertainer and one of the powerhouse names in R&B. Although since the February incident involving him and Rihanna, we haven’t heard much from CB, until now. In August, Brown was charged with assault and sentenced to five years probation along with 1,400 hours community service. After the assault many radio stations refused to play CB’s records and all of that non-sense. Also, Wrigley suspended his double mint chewing gum endorsement. On the other end, Rihanna’s album sales soared, typical battered woman story. Did anyone stop to hear CB’s side of the story?

Many people seem to forget that there’s are always two sides to a coin. I guess that’s just another testament to the saying that “good girls love bad boys.” Wait a minute, CB is light-skinned he cant be a ‘bad boy’ right? Does this mean that Rihanna is another good girl gone bad? Pun intended.

I already asked several questions but the real question is, how did CB manage to make it to the Status 10? Simple, he is still burning hot and fans are in heavy anticipation of his third album Graffiti. Lets not forget Chris Brown is the same artist who’s self-titled debut album achieved double platinum success with hits such as “Run It” and “Yo (excuse me miss)”. His sophomore album Exclusive was certified platinum by the RIAA with singles such as “Kiss Kiss” and “Take You Down”.

CB recently released a new single “I Can Transform Ya” featuring  Lil’  Wayne and I think he is about to do numbers. When the video comes out I bet he won’t be able to sit still. He is also featured on debuting artist Ester Dean’s first single “Drop It low”. CB’s new alum Graffiti is coming soon and on Monday reported CB tweeting about an upcoming tour.



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