Status 10: Trey Songz is More than ‘Ready’


By: Tiffani Haynes and Chris Swails

Trey Songz is ‘Ready’ and poised to take over the male R and B game if people aren’t careful.

He’s come a long way from his “Gotta Make It” days and most fans have been along for the ride. He began by releasing the humble single as his proclamation that he was willing to do whatever he had to in order to be successful in music. He’s done just that.

While many might think Songz lucked up with his latest much-anticipated and well-received Ready album, he’s been consistently creating great music since the beginning. Each of his three albums have progressively gotten better and demonstrated the artist’s growth.

In all honesty, Songz has always been ‘Ready.’ In the beginning, he was ready to begin his career. His grind started early and it hasn’t stopped since. With Trey Day serving as a solid transition album, he showed his was ready to solidify his standing. That album made a statement, it boldly stated “I’m here.” And now with Ready, (not to mention the undeniably dope Anticipation mixtape) he has a new statement, “Prepare for the takeover.”

If somebody doesn’t step in and steal some of Songz’ shine, he’s set to take over the R and B scene. He’s been compared to R. Kelly and we all know how respected he is. Songz just may overshadow Kelly, even with Kelly’s new song with Keri Hilson. He’s just that dangerous.

I remember when Trey came  to Hampton our freshman year (2005), he was a no-name artist to say the least. Since then he has laid down the definition for ‘progress’, appearing on numerous albums and mixtapes over the last four years. I feel like Trey is trying to cross the threshold to becoming a headline artist. I believe he is caught in the transition period between stars and superstars.

His second album was silky smooth but I feel like it wasn’t accepted the way it should’ve been. Additionally in preparation for his third album, the single “Brand New” should’ve been pushed way harder. Instead it was placed on the back burner for the softer single ” I Need A Girl”. The results were in fact positive, ‘Ready’ debuted at number 3 on the Billboard charts and sold over 135,000 units in the first week.

Trey Songz is on a war path taking down and conquering everything in his sight. Hold on to your fans and your album sales, fellas. Trey just might be coming for yours.


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