Status 10


Last week, Status Media brought you the top 10 hottest rappers in the game. Now we present the Status 10 R&B list, enjoy and leave comments.

SMG Staff

1. Beyonce
2. Keri Hilson
3. Trey Songz
4. Rihanna
5. Dream
6. Maxwell
7. Alicia Keys
8. Usher
9. Mario
10. Chris Brown



  1. WHAT THE HELL!!! Why is Keri Hilson and Rhianna above the greats like Maxwell and Alicia Keys and Usher?!?! Neither of those girls put out anything close to amazing albums like “CONFESSIONS” or Maxwells latest “BLACK SUMMERS NIGHT!” I think this list is completely out of order! Whoever put this together doesn’t know or understand good R&B!!!

  2. MusicLover,

    You have to look at what “hot” means. That’s why people like the Dream were able to make it. They don’t make the most enlightening music. They’re not the best performers or singers, but they’re all undeniably hot. Keri has hopped on everything this year, plus her own stuff is doing well. And then she’s written behind the scenes. Rihanna has been blowing up since the CB incident. The Jay track alone hyped her up. And she’s on the blog sites and everything since.

    I think you have to think about what hot is. Maybe a GOAT list would be different.

  3. I thought the same exact thing when I read your reply Tiffani. I hate when people reply to a question with an ignorant answer that doesn’t correlate to the question. Read before your write! But, to reply to the list I think its in good order except for the 1 & 2 positions, I’m just feeling Ms. Keri more right now, Beyonce is still hot, be Keri is just a breath of fresh air!

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