Cultivate It: So Miss Hampton Apologized, Are We Done Now?


By A.J. Washington


Today the Office of University Relations at Hampton University released this statement from Nikole Chruchill, Miss Hampton University 2009-2010 (check out  Melva’s post below if you didn’t catch it).

I see Hampton squared her up, really quickly- she knows ( or maybe not) they don’t play that! Just becasue you are Miss HU doesn’t mean you can say whatever you wish. I’m sure she wrote the letter to Obama out of frustration and hurt, which is why she shouldn’t have written it to begin with.

Miss HU is not voted on by the student body she represents; so my advice to Ms. Churchill is to get down and stay at the main campus, to try and reverse the controversy surrounding her appointment as queen.  Many want to compare the negativity around her crowning to the inequality blacks endured or this being no different then Obama winning the presidency (umm ok). I say, compare all you want- most change does not come easily and if Churchill wants change, she must put in the work it requires.

All is not lost for her, I have faith my fellow Hamptonians have the courage and understanding to open their hearts to Nikole; because at the end of the day, the crown is indeed hers. So are we done talking about her now?  SHEESH!

P.S. I still want to know who was calling her “lil Obama” …CHILE BOO.


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