Keep it 100: Get Off Miss HU’s Back Because…


This morning I turned on Russ Parr and all of a sudden my Alta Mater was mentioned. I started to get upset because they began to read twitter comments and most of them didn’t make any real sense. Therefore I was compelled to KEEP IT 100, yet again!

Look here, leave Miss HU the hell alone because first and foremost she won fair and square. Its not like she voted herself in, she was chosen therefore she must have met the necessary criteria. Yeah, I heard she attends the HU satellite campus in VA Beach…and what? Whats your point? Most people at Hampton are ‘out of the loop’ anyway, they only know a couple of faces and names.  I agree the letter to Obama was a little much but she is a young lady who won the top crown at a school full off upper class airheads. At least she hasn’t been spotted shoplifting, or have we forgotten that?  Y’all were the ones that let that sh*t slide, not me. So let me get this straight, if you shoot the fair one  your ‘out by 5’ but if you get caught stealing while serving as the face of Hampton University then nothing happens? The new Miss HU hasn’t defamed or misrepresented Hampton University in any way. Sometimes I cant stand some of my fellow Hamptonians because all you koons do is ‘watch and complain’ you never make any moves of your own, you only criticize. Flat out, at least she aint stealin’ so hop off!

Once more thing, screw BET ‘The Negro Channel’ for getting the headline completely wrong! She is not the homecoming queen she is Miss HU, you cunts!

GrandaddyDioR…c/0 2009


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  1. You ALWAYS keep it 100 Chris! I love it. Real talk, I NEVER let that stealing crap go. She made the school look terrible and there were plenty of people upset when she won too. Hell people are upset about miss hampton every year it’s like a tradition. After some thinking my problem with miss hampton is not her race. My problem with Miss HU is that I feel like she wanted to be in the pageant just to be in the Miss VA pageant. I wanna see my miss hampton sitting in the student center eating a chik-fil-a sandwich and sitting at a table during 12 to 2. At least the past miss hamptons did that. At least the past miss hamptons actually wanted to represent the school. Keep it 100, how many of them really cared about that miss va crap. They wanted to win to represent the school. I bet she doesn’t even know the alma mater. Tisk tisk…

    But maybe that’s just me….

    Bottom line: Hampton needs to start letting us pick our own Miss Hampton’s and let that Miss Virginia crap go. They never win anyway.

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