Limelight: Trina’s Getting A Reality Show And Clothing Line

By Danielle Canada

Good afternoon #StatusMedia visitors.

I know I’ve been M.I.A. from the site but I have an exclusive for my status media family. I had the opportunity to interview The Diamond Princess, Trina, this weekend in Atlanta during the BET Hip-Hop Awards weekend.


Trina revealed to me that she would be debuting a new reality show about her down time and everyday life. She confirmed the show saying,

It’s a personal reflection of myself and my life. You get to see a side of Trina you don’t that has never been exposed to the world. People only get to see the Trina that’s on television, the Trina that’s on the videos and the records and the interviews, but this Trina is more intimate and more personal and more private. I opened up this world into my life and what I like to do on the down side and there’s really no glam and there’s no cameras and there’s not a bunch of people following me and I’m not on stage with a bunch of fans. It’s my family, it’s my artists, you get to see a hardworking Trina, how hard I work behind the scenes…working with the artists, working with the label, the clothing line. All the things that I do daily, my 24-hour job, you get to see that.”

No word on the name or network for the show but I’ll keep you posted.

She also mentioned that she’s debuting a new clothing line. Originally titled, ‘Pink Princess’, the clothing line was completely revamped and is now called ‘Diamond Girl.’ It will now feature jeans for “curvy, bodacious” women like herself.

“It’s a beautiful line the jeans are actually to fit curvy, bodacious, beautiful women. To revamp it and start over was a beautiful thing for me. I got to be more hands on and actually go in there and say listen: I want the jeans to fit like this. I want blouses that fit like this. Everybody’s body type is not the same and I’m aware of that. I know as a woman, insecurities with your body that you don’t want like, so as a woman I wanted to make sure to make a clothing line that could represent women.”


Everyone knows I don’t do URBAN WEAR but if I did I would buy her product. She was very sweet and really took her time to answer my questions.


The video of myself and the Diamond Princess is coming soon!

Stay posted!




Twitter: @DanniCanada


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