Keep it 100: Is Ursh Talking too Much?

By A.J. Washington



 Ah, how love goes awry so quickly!  This picture is one of my faves of the former couple; they appeared to be truly in love. Fast forward two years later, and he’s spilling the beans about their divorce like it’s not his business. After really listening to his “Papers” song this morning, I didn’t hear the same Usher- the vocalist that used to be, was nowhere to be found. He seemed too busy trying to tell us why his life was in shambles, to focus on the musicality of the song. I’m a huge Usher fan, I expect a lot from him. Anyways- what about the content? Will is new album, Raymond vs. Raymond, just be a play-by-play of his failed marriage? Do you think he’s putting his soon-to-be ex-wife Tameka Foster on blast with his song “Papers?” Or is he using his music as therapy for this difficult time in his life? Either way, I’m nosey, so I want to know what else he has to say about the matter. Many celebrities are always complaining about how they never have privacy, but yet have twitter accounts, blogs and create albums giving the public what they savagely seek.  So Keep It 100, is Usher doing too much?


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  1. Hell yeah he talkin too much..and i ‘hate’ the album title

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