The LimeLight: Somebody Tell Em


Soulja Boy is making headlines twice in less than a week. After last week’s misdemeanor arrest, reports are circulating that Soulja Boy owes his apartment complex close to $10,000 in back rent. TMZ revelead a letter from the Los Angeles landlord in which it stated:

“We have received complaints of noise disturbances and guests wandering the hallway and Observation Deck. This is a direct violation of your Lease Agreement. Additionally, we were notified that you had over 10 cars parked in guest parking on the evening of September 25th. This is a violation of your lease … which states, ‘You may have no more than two overnight guests at a time unless we provide specific approval.'”

Soulja Boy quickly responded to the media frenzy over his rent via twitter, posting a video in which he shows all his chains, a shoebox full of cash, and other luxury items. Check the foolery below…

Soulja Boy quickly deleted the link to this video and  later tweeted:

“I see these blog sites trying to tear me down, yall got me f***ed up. You can make up all the stories you won’t on me. NUMBERS DON’T LIE!”

“What um tryna figure out tho is how u gon hate and say a n**** is broke who is CLEARY gettin money? Sh** makes no since.”

I have tried many times to give Soulja Boy credit and not give into media judgements, but he is continuously showing his juvenile mindset through his actions. During the summer, Soulja Boy made Atlanta headlines as his neighbors had become irriate over the neglect to his property, as he refused to cut his grass or maintain the property, claiming his schedule is extremely busy and he barely resides in the home. I truly hope he understands that this industry plays favorite to no one, and the average rapper gets stardom for three albums. Maybe he needs to sit down with 50 Cent and understand how to invest his money and learn business logistics. Yes, it is his money and he can spend on whatever he chooses, but someone needs to tell Soulja showing off your money through material goods is unwise.

As Chappelle would say , “They shoulda never gave you niggas money!”

By: Sarah Hall


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  1. what up sounlja boy

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