The Limelight: Another Wale Leak…


***Image courtesy of VH1***

By Danielle Canada (@DanniCanada)

While Wale’s busy on a national college tour with J.Cole and Jay-Z, tracks from his Attention Deficit album are steadly hitting the net. Originally set to hit stores September 22, the album’s been pushed back to November 3. Washington D.C.’s finest has been kind enough to leak tracks snipped from the final project while others have been sligh enough to provide unauthorized leaks.

The latest leak is a track that samples Rihanna’s “Question Existing” from her Good Girl, Gone Bad album titled “Contemplate.”

Three words: I love it.

It’s another track I can’t stop listening to. I have to say though, that I’m extremely biased because y’all know I love Wale (when he’s not being an ass) and Ri Ri.

Favorite line: “That cellphone that I bought is probably filled with some other n*gga’s numbers/ So it leads to me wonder/ why do I still promise to love her?”

BTW: If you have tickets to that J. Cole, Jay-Z, Wale concert…don’t tell me. I will hunt you down and take them. Quickly.

Listen to Wale’s “Contemplate”  here.


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