The Rumor Mill: Wale, Kid Cudi and Drake Named GQ’s Man of The Year?

By Danielle Canada

I need confirmation on this STAT!

Rumors are swirling that GQ’s named three of the biggest names in rap, their man of the year.

It’s been no secret that Wale, Kid Cudi and Drake have been in the running for the esteemed honor.

In fact I remember when Wale tweeted this pic of the three contenders on set of the shoot.

Wale, Drake, Cudi

***Image via Wale's Twitter Page @Wale***

Now reports are surfacing that ALL THREE men tied for the award.

Crazy, right?!

If the rumor is true, that’s a big move for Hip-Hop and I applaud them.

Special shoutout to Drake who had a premonition about the event in “Man Of The Year” from Comeback Season:

“Damn, I done walked in here…looking like the muthf*ckin man of the year….”

I see you Drizzy!


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