The Limelight: Kanye’s “We Were Once A Fairytale”

Kanye West continues to reach new levels of artistic expression. He recently teamed up with director Spike Jonze (who also directed Kanye’s “Flashing Lights” video) for a short documentary titled “We Were Once A Fairytale.” The 11 minute documentary was filmed in January 2009, and begins with Kanye West in a Los Angeles nightclub engaing in some drunken tirads. The documentary progresses into some strange depections of West on the dance floor and later cutting himself in a bathroom. This was a bit strange for me in the beginning, but ultimately it is a extremely deep film if you extract the meanings of the images and relate the art of this film to the true events in Kanye’s life. Check the documentary below and let us know your thoughts…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

By: Sarah J



  1. Okay Sarah help me out, I don’t get it!What is he supposed to be doing, cutting the demons out of his life?It all just seems like random craziness to me….the pink throwup, the random drunkenness….lol.

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