The Limelight: Say What Cormega?

Another mediocore rapper is dissing some of the best rappers in the game for another shot of five minutes in the spotlight. In an interview with Street Disciplez Radio, Cormega discussed his upcoming album “Born and Raised”, his relationship with Nas, and explains his dislike for Drake. Cormega states, “I can’t fuck with Drake. I like Drake as a young man trying to make money, but I can’t take him serious…..I don’t like when these spoiled rich kids get into rap cause its something they can do cause they pops got money, then they start rapping about a life they never lived…go do something else.”

Thanks Cormega for proving your pure ignorance. Since when did you have to be poor, from the hood, or from a single parent household to be a rapper? Last time I checked, 80% of the rappers in the game are from significantly stable beginnings and have never fully lived the street life they portray. Check the interview below and let us know if you think Cormega is spreading knowledge….

By: Sarah J


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