The Rumor Mill: Jermaine Jackson Is Balling But His Family Is Broke

by: Randi M.

Click image for source.

Click image for source.

While Jermaine Jackson is rolling around in a new Rolls Royce, it’s been rumored that his ex-wife and kids are taking hand outs. According to Jackson’s ex-wife, Alejandra, Katherine Jackson has been giving her grocery store gift cards so she can feed her and Jermaine’s kids, Jermajesty and Jaffar. Alejandra also claims that Jermaine owes nearly $36,000 in back child support.

Random Fact: Alejandra also has two kids by Jermaine’s younger brother Randy Jackson….smh.


  1. wtf! she has 2 kids each by 2 brothers! can u say “star phucker”? some females cling on to powerful and famous men for the glory and fame. they make sure they make babies within the smallest possible time frame, to make sure they in the bank business for life. this is exactly what she did, but 2x!


    Jermaine could drop a little change on his fam-bam, tho.

  2. hey jermaine forget about all the negative things involoving your ex wife and focus on your kids you have

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