Overtime: 2K10 Season Predictions

source: NBA.com

By Ronald P. Clark and Vince Gatling

Pacific Division

Golden State Warriors

Ronald – I absolutely love this team. As long as they pay absolutely no attention to what positions guys really play, I will love them. Stephen Curry is my cousin and one day I will prove it. Stephen Jackson is a ride-or-die teammate that I’ll take any day. Anthony Randolph will end up better than Chris Bosh (yea, I said it). Monta Ellis can do whatever he wants on a basketball court. Corey Maggette gets fouled at the scorer’s table. And Don Nelson is nuts. With that said, they’ll lose a lot of games 140 to 145 and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.

Vince – Stephen Jackson doesn’t want to be on this team anymore and he was the captain. This ship is going to sink and sink fast. The only way this team affects the playoffs is if they trade Jackson to a contender because they definitely aren’t making it.

Los Angeles Clippers

Ronald – I really want to like this team. Baron Davis has always been one of my favorite players when he’s focused. Blake Griffin is a man-child. Eric Gordon is a great young two-guard. Decent big men and a decent bench could mean an above-average season in Clipperland. I. Just. Don’t. Trust. Mike. Dunleavy. Too hands on for a group like this that needs to run free. If he’s calling plays from the sidelines every time down, this team will be just another Clipper travesty. We’ll see what happens.

Vince – As a Clippers fan I do realize that Mike Dunleavy is an idiot. But Mike Brown and Ron Jeremy coached teams deep into the playoffs last year. That gives me hope. The Clippers will make the playoffs this year. I guarantee it.

Los Angeles Lakers

Ronald – Best team in the league. Best coach in the league. Best player in the league. Best sixth man in the league. Can you say back-to-back champions? Only problem with this team is having Kobe’s wife and Khloe Kardashian sit next to each other. That’s just not a fair fight.

Vince – As president of the Laker hater fan club, I will list the things that can possibly stop this team from winning a title:

  1. Ron Artest acting like Ron Artest
  2. Lamar Odom playing worse because of the pain of divorce (it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ they’ll divorce)
  3. Celtics and/or the Spurs staying healthy
  4. Kobe tearing his ACL

Phoenix Suns

Ronald – I don’t have enough space or time to go on a Steve Nash is overrated rant. I’ll just say that I hope Amar’e Stoudemire can revert back to his ‘I’m Shawn Kemp’s long lost brother’ stage and gets back to dunking on anything in his path. I miss the old Suns. Now, they seem old. They will probably make the playoffs, but they won’t do any damage once there.

Vince – D’Antoni is gone. Joe Johnson is gone. Shawn Marion is gone. Boris Diaw, Raja Bell and Shaq are gone. Would you watch True Blood if they only had 2 Vampires?  I think not. They aren’t making the playoffs.

Sacramento Kings

Ronald – To be the worst team in the NBA, they actually have a backcourt that will cause plenty of teams’ problems. Kevin Martin is a proven scorer and rookie Tyreke Evans is just too big for any guard – anywhere. With that said, they’ll still have a terrible record. So Sacramento Queens it is.

Vince – Kevin Martin got hurt in a bizarre exercise ball accident. So he won’t be causing anyone any problems until January. The over/under on how much you would have to pay me to watch this team is somewhere around $45 (I’d take the over if I were you).

Northwest Division

Denver Nuggets

Ronald – It’s time for Carmelo Anthony to step up and have a MVP-like season and I think he’s ready. The team gets an entire training camp with culture-changing point guard Chauncey Billups which should only improve their chemistry. Losing Dahntay Jones and Linas Kleiza will hurt some, but they should survive. Look for J.R. Smith to average close to 20 ppg this season.

Vince – The Nuggets proved last year that they are a team to be reckoned with. But while the Lakers and Spurs made moves to get better, Denver stayed pat. So their season will end with a playoff loss to one of those teams.

Minnesota T’Wolves

Ronald – They deserve every loss they get for the Ricky Rubio fiasco. He will be a bum when he comes in the league whether it’s this year or two years from now. Quote me: Rubio will be a bum. I’m thinking of selling the rights to that phrase to Soulja Boy so we can make us a hit. Aside from that, this team is still too young to do anything but Kurt Rambis will at least get them to play hard. Al Jefferson is this generation’s Shareef Abdur-Rahim. He’ll get his, but you won’t get wins.

Vince – Dear Minnesota,

Thank you for taking me from a team that couldn’t sniff the playoffs to contending. Making a deal with you totally changed my life. I couldn’t do what I am going to do this season without you. I don’t know why you did it or what you got out of it, but I sure do appreciate the help.



Oklahoma City Thunder

Ronald – Kevin Durant is a monster and my second favorite player in the league behind Kobe. He will lead the league in scoring this year – and the next six or seven. Russell Westbrook, Jeff Green and James Harden provide a nice young nucleus for everybody’s ‘favorite young team.’ But they are still a year or two away from truly challenging for the playoffs.

Vince – This is the Kevin Durant show.  Watch him every chance you get because he is great.  And by “every chance you get” I mean watch his 82 regular season games.  No playoffs here.

Portland Trail Blazers

Ronald – No more excuses for the Blazers. They can’t blame their youth anymore. It’s time to actually be a contender. And a lot of it will be determined by the play of 87-year-old Greg Oden. If he can stay out of his rocking chair long enough to block three shots and grab 10 rebounds without fouling out of every other game, this team will scare EVERYBODY. And I mean EVERYBODY.

Vince – This team, as talented as they are can’t beat the Spurs or Lakers and will get knocked out by one of them in the playoffs (see Nuggets).  What’s really important here is how the team will respond after we find Greg Oden’s birth certificate (revealing that he’s really Bill Russell’s twin brother).

Utah Jazz

Ronald – I feel sorry for Deron Williams. He’s one of the best young guards in the league and he has to be teammates with possibly the worst teammate in the entire league in Carlos Boozer. Dude has no idea what he wants to do with his life or his career. This team doesn’t play defense and seems to be on edge at all times. Once they trade Boozer, they’ll be back on track to rejoining the elite. Until then, Jerry Sloan’s veins will continue to poke out of his neck.

Vince – Before this season, Jerry Sloan is regarded as one of the best coaches of all time to never win a title. And after this season, Jerry Sloan will be regarded as one of the best coaches of all time to never win a title. I am excited to see where Boozer is sent.

Southwest Division

Dallas Mavericks

Ronald – I seriously hope they start Jason Kidd, Jason Terry, Josh Howard, Shawn Marion and Dirk Nowitski from Day One and tell everyone ‘catch us if you can’. They have nothing to lose. Nobody expects them to do anything beyond make the playoffs. So why not send out your top five horses and say ‘do yo thang’? I’d do it. But they won’t. So be prepared for plenty of Erica Dampier sightings.

Vince – What are the Mavs doing? They have an old point guard, a short shooting guard, two small forwards and a power forward that plays like a small forward. Would you think positively of a football team that had one quarterback, five running backs, five wide receivers and no line?  This team hasn’t been right since D-Wade beat them in the finals. First round exit is inevitable.

Houston Rockets

Ronald – Gotta love the fight in these guys. But scraping only goes so far. Someone still has to score. With Yao Ming out and Tracy McGrady looking like the inspiration for the childhood game ‘Operation’, it will be a long season in H-Town. But at least I get to watch Trevor Ariza be exposed. Yea, that will be fun.

Vince – The best players on this team will be Luis Scola and Trevor Ariza. My work here is done. Let’s move on.

Memphis Grizzlies

Ronald – How much excitement can a 30-win team really bring? We are about to find out. Zach Randolph, Allen Iverson, O.J. Mayo and Rudy Gay all want to average 20 ppg while getting off at least 15 shots per contest. Pray for Mike Conley as he tries to play point guard with this bunch. There will be a fight by the end of December. Promise.

Vince – How many games does Zach Randolph play before he gets arrested? When O.J. and A.I. are on the floor together, how many minutes go by before someone else gets a shot? (I’m guessing at least 3 hours)? How many games are played until Chris Wallace makes another dumb trade? Those are the unanswered questions facing this team. What we do know is that this isn’t going to be a good year.

New Orleans Hornets

Ronald – The best point guard in the game is going to be the most angry player in the league by the end of the season when the Hornets are at home for the playoffs. Most people think Chris Paul is good enough for 50 wins on his own brilliance. But I just don’t see that happening. Old shooters, slow big men and no bench spells a bad year in the Bayou. And trust me, Byron Scott will be out of a job if that goes down.

Vince – They are probably going to make some trades where they give up talent for money.  And they are old.  But CP3 got these guys to the playoffs last year and he will do it again, if for no other reason than to spite Ronald.

San Antonio Spurs

Ronald – I hate this team. I always will. But, they reloaded with the additions of Richard Jefferson, Antonio McDyess and DeJuan Blair. If they can stay healthy, and preserve the legs of Manu Ginobli and Tim Duncan for the playoffs, they will yet again be title contenders. It pains me to write those words.

Vince – If this team stays healthy, they will face the Celtics in the finals. The only problem is that “if” I just typed is bigger than the state of Texas.

Vince’s Standings

  1. Los Angeles Lakers
  2. San Antonio Spurs
  3. Denver Nuggets
  4. Portland Trail Blazers
  5. Dallas Mavericks
  6. Utah Jazz
  7. New Orleans Hornets
  8. Los Angeles Clippers
  9. Phoenix Suns
  10. Golden State Warriors
  11. Oklahoma City Thunder
  12. Memphis Grizzlies
  13. Minnesota T’Wolves
  14. Houston Rockets
  15. Sacramento Kings

Ronald’s Standings

  1. Los Angeles Lakers
  2. San Antonio Spurs
  3. Portland Trail Blazers
  4. Denver Nuggets
  5. Dallas Mavericks
  6. Utah Jazz
  7. Los Angeles Clippers
  8. Phoenix Suns
  9. New Orleans Hornets
  10. Golden State Warriors
  11. Houston Rockets
  12. Oklahoma City Thunder
  13. Memphis Grizzlies
  14. Minnesota T’Wolves
  15. Sacramento Kings

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