Cultivate It: Tips to Keeping a Fresh Face

By: Tiffani Haynestiredeyes

While we’d love to get eight hours of sleep, drink eight glasses of water a day and exercise daily, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Yet while we don’t always treat our bodies the best we still want them to look it.

If you can’t find time to do all the above each day, try these 15 simple tricks to fake the funk until you can. These tips will help you always looking fresh and ready to go.


  1. Hot and Cold showers-Alternating between the two extreme temperatures revives the skin and provides circulation at the same time.
  2. Line the Lids-Using eye liner will make your eyes pop even when you can barely keep them open.
  3. Hang Low-By letting your head drop to the side of the bed or doing a back bend you flush your face and bring energy to it.
  4. Get the Ponytail Right and Tight-The high, tight ponytail gives you a natural face lift.
  5. Grab a Cup of Joe-The caffeine in coffee acts as a vasoconstrictor to shrink the blood vessels and reduce eye puffiness.
  6. Go Sun-kissed-When you’re tired and look pale, add bronzer. It’ll perk you right up.
  7. Chill Your Skin-Make an ice cube tray with water, lemon and olive oil. After the ice cubes have frozen, rub one along your face. The chill of the cube will reduce swelling, the lemon tightens the skin and the olive oil adds moisture back to your face.
  8. Dress It Up-Dress yourself in clothes that will distract the eye from your skin, or even perk it up. Pink always works well with brightening up the skin.
  9. Silver Spoon on the Face-Put teaspoons in the freezer, once they’re chill add them to your eyelids. By doing this you’ll reduce puffiness.
  10. Get Lippy- When your eyes are tired, focus on the lips. Add a color or do something to punch up the face. It’ll liven up your entire look.
  11. Mask it with Mascara-Putting on extra mascara can create an upbeat look even when you don’t have one.
  12. Use Your Veggies-Use frozen vegetable packs to reduce puffiness.
  13. Highlight Your Eyes-If you’re walking with your lids have open, highlight the corners of your eyes to renew the life in them.
  14. Keep the Glitz and Glam-When you look a little ragged, wear a bright piece of jewelry.
  15. Bring on the Cream-And when natural remedies fail, try some store bought facial creams.


Fresh Face Tips are courtesy of Glamour Magazine.



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