In the News: Palin Hits Pay Dirt with New Book Deal


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By: Tiffani Haynes

Former Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin has hit the big bucks with a deal for her new book “Going Rogue.”

Palin has been paid $1.25 million from her publisher, HarperCollins and she stands to make much more. She referred to the money as a “retainer” which excludes her percentage of book sales. While her book is yet to be released, it was ranked number one on and Barnes and in September.

The large figure surfaced when Palin reported her income from Jan. 1 to July 27, as a part of her responsibilities as former Alaskan governor. Since July, it is no longer mandatory for her to report her earnings, which leaves her future income from the book deal a mystery.

With some saying Palin has ideas for a 2012 presidential run and this mega-bucks book deal, Palin just may be on to something. If she does want the Oval Office this book would serve as a great way to keep her in the forefront of the media.



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