In the News: First Lady Earned J. Crew Employee A Cool Million

By: Aisha Brown


Jenna Lyons--Photo courtesy of

Jenna Lyons- Creative director of J.Crew Group Inc., is all smiles after receiving a whopping $1 million dollar bonus for her success in creating the  inaugural CrewCuts pieces worn by the Obama girls’ and the signature J. Crew floral cardigan Michelle Obama has been toting around the world with.

She was awarded the one time bonus of $1 million on October 27th.  However, there are some conditions regarding the award. If Lyons decides to leave the company without “good reason,” as defined by her contract, before Oct. 27, 2011, she would have to return the whole bonus. If she left before Oct. 27, 2013, she will have to return half of it. 

Lyons creative designs has resulted in an international exposure to the J. Crew line and the boost of sales has shown for it, especially during these hard economic times. 

J. Crew sure knows how to say “thank you” to their employees for a job well done! Are they hiring?


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