In the News: Pimp Down–Katt Williams Arrested on Burglary Charges


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By: Tiffani Haynes

Comedian Katt Williams was able to keep a smile on his face for his mug shot after being arrested on Sunday. Williams was arrested on burglary and trespassing charges and taken to the Coweta County Jail in southern Georgia.

Reportedly, Williams broke into a Newnan, GA home with a crowbar and several items  totaling $3,500 in jewelry and coins were stolen. The home belonged to producer Barry Hankerson and Williams’ lawyer claims he was a guest in Hankerson’s home.

Williams was staying with Hankerson for a month while working on the producer’s new movie. One of Hankerson’s security guards, Daniel Broach, called police and said Williams was caught breaking into the home.

Accoridng to, Hankerson spoke to police to affirm that Williams was allowed to stay in his home indefinitely.

He was arraigned and released around 4 p.m. on Monday. He was greeted with a crowd cheering his release.


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