Cultivate It: Jeff Johnson Challenges You to be Your Personal Best

By: Tiffani Haynes

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We’ve seen Jeff Johnson in several roles: activist, commentator, host, youth director and now author. His book, Everything I’m Not Made Me Everything I Am, serves as an excellent charge to readers about achieving your personal best.

By using examples from his personal life and others’ lives, Johnson delves into just what your personal best is and how to go about achieving it. Your personal best is becoming a fulfilled person: professionally, personally, socially, etc. Often times we find people who are wildly successful in one area but lack in another. He uses the example of a parent who can conquer the corporate world with ease but can’t build a personal relationship with his/her child. That person isn’t at his/her personal best. They are missing the personal element that it takes to become a well-rounded fulfilled person.

Johnson breaks down various elements to achieving your personal best by insisting that in order to define and grow into who you are, you have to define who you aren’t. One section that I felt a personal connection with was under the Everything I’m Not section where it outlines that you are not your parents, friends or family. He explains the purpose of differentiating exactly who you are from who you surround yourself with.

The book, Everything I’m Not Made Me Everything I Am, features a foreword by Kanye West and was released in September 2009.

If you’ve ever wanted to feel empowered or forced to examine yourself and answer personal questions, read this book. It’s a perfect piece for those that are in the crucial stages of defining and developing who they aren’t and who they’re destined to become.

Enjoy and let us know what you thought of the book.


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