The Limelight: Wale “Attention Deficit” Review

“DC chillin, PG chillin, my name Wale and I came to get it…”

After years of promoting his music and single-handedly trying to put Washington, DC on the map, Wale has released his debut album “Attention Deficit.” Growing up in the rough DC streets with a name, Olubowale Victor Folarin, he is far from your typical rapper. Wale created buzz in 2006 as he begin releasing mixtapes, and in 2008 he was signed to Interscope records.  Wale relessed the first single “Chillin” featuring Lady Gaga in June of 2009, which around the same time he signed to Roc Nation, where he is co-managed along with Interscope records. While Wale’s other singles have not reveived much media attention, Wale’s debut album is here, and his fans are speaking loud and clear in the support of “Attention Deficit.”


Wale opens with “I ain’t tryna be politically correct/But I won’t stop until I get my respect” on the Dave Sitel produced track “Triumph.” Best Kept Secret produced tracks “Mama Told Me” and “Pretty Girls”, offering Wale’s rhymes over go-go inspired beats. “Mirrors” offers a simple beat as Bun B features a few lines and “World Tour” gets a hand clap for honoring A Tribe Called Quest with the beat sample, but the lyrics and Jazmine Sullivan vocals are not superb. Pharrell Williams offers a possible fourth single for Wale on “Let It Loose.” The true lyrics and hip-hop feeling begins to kick in on the album once you reach the track “90210.” The Mark Ronson produced track offers lyrics focused on women with bulimia as Wale states “She throws up whatever she eats/She leave the bathroom with her nose bleed/She live her whole life like TV/and she do anything for everything.” “TV in the Radio” featuring K’Naan offers a classic hip-hop collection of lyrics and beat. After the catchy single “Chillin,” Wale and Chrisette Michelle follow with the 9th Wonder produced track, “Shades”, which address the color complexion issues amongst African Americans as Wale states, “they say black is beautiful/but ask them beautiful light girls if its black they attract to usually/what if Barack skin was all black/truthfully would he be a candidate?” Wale switches to a more somber tone with Rihanna on “Contemplate” then a soulful combination and melody about relationships featuring Marsha Ambrosius on “Diary.” Wale rounds out the album with “Beautiful Bliss” featuring his Roc Nation mates J.Cole and Melanie Fiona and ends with the Best Kept Secret production on “Prescription.”

Wale could remove a few tracks from the album and replace with some other bangers Im certain he has in his system, but overall Attention Deficit should grab the ears of  any hip-hop enthusiast.

Notable Lyrics: “Too much practice now for me to malfunction/so any beat that function, I breathe on and puncture.”

Songs 2 Check For: “Shades, 90210, Beautiful Bliss, TV in The Radio”

By: Sarah J


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  1. Sarah I have to disagree with u girl. Maybe I’m biased but I think the whole thing’s pretty much flawless from start to finish. I’m sure he had to water down alot of his ish to go mainstream but I like everything about it. (Even world tour…lol )

    Do you have the bonus tracks from ITunes? Those put the icing on the cake for me!

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