Overtime: Is That You, Sammy Sosa?

By Melva N. Lloyd

Former major league baseball slugger Sammy Sosa has been making headlines since he re-emerged in the public eye during the Latin Grammy Awards.  Sure, it has been a while since we’ve seen the one-time home run derby champion but that was not the reason he caused onlookers to stop, point and stare.  His physical appearance  seemed, well, different.


Image courtesy of http://www.theybf.com

That picture has been circulating around the internet for the past few days and while most people felt that Sosa was following the lead of the late Michael Jackson, he initially stated that he was “rejuvenating his skin.”  A process that will keep his skin looking soft and smooth.  However, the ex-Chichago Cub came forward today and admitted that he is indeed using a bleaching cream that he applies every night. 

Sosa stands firm in his belief that he had no idea that the bleaching cream would cause his skin to lighten this drastically.  But, isn’t that what bleach does?  Or do I just have a different definition of the term?  Well whatever the case, you be the judge.


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  1. very unfortunate he felt the need to bleach his skin. Sammy has clearly lost his mind.

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