The Limelight: So Hannah’s Never Heard Hova?

In Miley Cyrus’ number one hit, “Party in the USA,” she references to a “Jay-Z song [being] on”  in a taxi after she first gets to L.A. Now maybe I’m the only one who is willing to admit it, but I watch Hannah Montana ( and pretty much every Disney Channel show) faithfully; so when she mentioned Jay-Z  in the song, I was both surprised and impressed. Of course the song becomes a hit, afterall, this is Miley Cyrus. Much to my dismay however,  Cyrus later admits she’s never even heard a  Jay-Z song. Don’t believe me? Check this clip out.



Cyrus Says she “doesn’t listen to pop music,” but later in the interview says she would possibly cover Britney Spears (who she also mentions in “Party in the USA”). I thought she said she didn’t listen to pop? Britney Spears is definitely more “pop” than Jay. Perhaps Miley Cyrus meant she didn’t listen to rap music, that would have been more appropriate. Or perhaps she’s lying! Never heard of Jay-Z? That’s almost as bad as when Paris Hilton said she’d never heard of Walmart.  I know she said she didn’t write the song, but most people would have said ‘hey, I’ve never heard this Jay-Z, let me go and see what he’s talking about, before I sing about him.’

Really, how would know a Jay-Z song is on, if you’ve never heard a Jay-Z song. C’mon Hannah!

By A.J. Washington


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